I ruined my hair!!!

Little old me decided it would be a fantastic idea to go from brunette to blonde hair at home. AT HOME. My hair naturally is a medium brown I would say, and I lifted it to an almost platinum level. I did this over two days.

I was successful in bleaching it, just not toning it, and my hair was relatively strong after. I couldn’t sense any difference in my hair having just dyed it from virgin hair. I used my purple conditioners and shampoo and toned it a bit to try take the yellow out. My hair however, was quite determined to stay yellow toned, so we just left it till we needed to do my roots.

I was blonde for several months, till one day we bleached my roots a little too much and I started to look a bit weird. My hair condition changed and it was extremely dry. My curl pattern changed a bit and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

A few weeks later I got brown roots dyed in so that I could commence growing my hair out. I began to condition my hair as normal and live life the way I used to.

So here we are, months and months later–almost a year. I have suffered so much breakage it hurts my soul. the blonde has snapped off my grown out hair in parts, so I have 4 inch long parts at the back of my head and side. Luckily, I have curly hair so the volume covers these areas.

I recently went to the hair dressers, after having deep conditioned my hair a lot and not having dyed it for almost a year, wanting to have my roots and the blonde blended out. I ended up being told off and asked to stop using heat tools and stop dyeing my hair–however I don’t straighten my hair often–every other month or so, and I don’t dye it!

I asked what I could do to fix it, and I was told to use coconot oil and egg whites–ontop of my deep conditioning and oil treatments.

I am at my wits end, trying everything to get my curls back. I’ll update you all every month, to provide results and if any treatment has worked.

Today I tried finger combing and deep conditioned with a wash out and keep in. I’ve wrapped my hair in a loose bun and have a t-shirt over it to gather moisture.

I’ll keep this up for a few weeks and report back if there have been any differences. I hope for the hair loss to die down and breakage to stop. I don’t know what I’d do if it all broke off.

I feel as though I’d get it straightened, but I love my curls-it’s who I am. But I don’t have the confidence or looks to get away with 4 inches of hair.

Here’s some pictures of my hair journey:

This is the order in which my hair went. The last one, I know, is a little posey, but it’s a good zoom of the weird curl pattern I have now and you can also see the amount of regrowth I have.

Alright, that is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it, and hopefully can’t relate because I want you all to have great hair health

Thanks for reading,



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