My bedroom

I love interior decor. Love it. But, with a student income it is difficult to get a likeness to those pinterest rooms–you know what I’m talking about! My whole pinterest is basically made up of bedroom inspiration pictures.

So I wanted to share with you, some snaps of my room. It’s nothing special, just few things placed around my a way that doesn’t frustrate the living daylight out of me!

Starting with my bed, I have a plain white bed from Ikea. It’s a queen sized Malm, with the four storage draws. I found it half price, still in the flat pack–so it was a bargain!


My tapestry was from eBay for $20AUD, however, I have found a cheaper one for any of you if you are interested right here. I had pretty atrocious walls from having had posters hung up around the place when I was a young teenage kid. My soft toy Pooh I’ve had since I was under the age of 5 and seriously can never part ways with it. I got my white waffle quilt cover for $36AUD, grey pillows for $5AUD and fitted and flat sheets for $23AUD each from Kmart.

Keep in mind, each of these purchases was over a substantial amount of time.

Next is my faux sheep skin rug, as I got mine for $19AUD from Kmart, instead of $79AUD from Ikea, there was a fair bit of shedding at the beginning. After good use, it stops shedding and becomes a normal rug, however, it needs a fair bit of vacuuming.


As you can see, in front of the rug I have a book-shelving unit. Now once again, I’ve been cheap and re-used my old bedside tables. They are two 4 storage cubes stacked on one another.

I have some nice looking things in the cubes, because I don’t like too much clutter. I mainly just want nice things in my room as it is my place of relaxation.

Basically everything you see there is from Kmart and Ikea. I’ll list the decorative and functional pieces, however I’m not going to go into detail about the books, jewelry and what is in the boxes.

Moving on to my tapestry, close up you can see a dream catcher and fairy lights. The curtain fairy lights I splurged on from Typo, but the dream catcher is cheap from eBay. The tapestry is just pinned into the ceiling, as are the lights and dream catcher.


My bedside table is really simple–painfully simple. It’s just a cheap dual toned side table with a marble based lamp with copper accent,  concrete plant and succulent and a few a books. The metal grids I bought from Daiso for $2.80 each to add texture. I also have the same fake flowers as earlier, but different vase.

Last, but not least, my desk/makeup table. I know it looks  oddly small, but I at 5’9″ can sit comfortably with leg room to spare.14572097_1265037650183786_1726633575_o

I aimed to keep it empty, but I kept buying plants. So now it’s cluttered again. I’ll list the products down below, but I’ve kept it cheap and simple. The tea mug and laptop don’t belong there permanently so that space is usually empty.

Okay, so that’s my room ! It’s taken a while, several years actually, to get it to where it is today. I’m really proud of how it looks, and mainly wanted to share it! It’s been done on a small budget–the only really expensive things were my bed and desk. The rest was all cheap.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading



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