What’s in my bag

I don’t really like carrying around a bag. I’d rather be free handed without the shoulder pain. I can, however, appreciate a good looking bag. And I do understand the need for a bag, as I can’t run around with full hands all day.

I have a small compact over the shoulder bag from Glassons. It’s a mushroom coloured bag with silver detailing. I chose for the silver as all my accessories are silver and I really dislike the clashing. Glassons is my favourite store and I get most of my clothes from there.

Compact X Body Bag                                                                                                                                AUD$34.99

It’s in the colour Cement. It’s a leather look cross body bag, with a chain link shoulder strap and external pocket. It has a side pocket on the inside where I put my touch up items and two pockets on the otherside where I put my phone and keys. The main pocket is where I put the rest of my stuff.

So in my bag I have these things:

Antibacterial gel                                                   AUD$3.85

I got this from Coles because I can’t stand dirty hands. It smells amazing and it’s great to be able to clean your hands wherever you are. I believe this is a necessity in everyone’s bag. It’s just so bloody expensive I can’t deal with it. It also tends to aggravate my eczema but whatever..I’m fine! (I’m not)IMG6223_1417152534706.JPG


Lip Balm-EOS lipbalm AUD$5.11

Keep the lips hydrated and not flaky! EOS balms are my favourite, besides Maybelline’s baby lips. I love the packaging–I think it’s super cute and it tastes great. It stays on my lips a while.imgres

Wallet from Colette Hayman    AUD$19.99

Love my fully black wallet. I think it looks expensive and matches all of my bags.



Car Keys and house keys ! 14513818_1265007860186765_2129614056_o

iPhone 6

My phone is my life. I have an iPhone 6, silver with a clear case and a massive diagonal crack through my screen!


Notebook and pen

It’s good to be able to just doodle a little and jot down stuff whenever you  need. It’s also good to have a fun one.



I’m just using a cheap miniature Neutrogena moisturizer from the chemist as it was $2AUD. I recommend for everyone to have one in their bag as it’s no fun having dry flaky hands! and antibac dries your hands out ! This picture is probably life size.



My fear in life is to have bad breath and suffocate people with that cloud–that heavy, heavy cloud. I carry gum around not only to avoid that, but to curb food cravings #dieting



My sunglasses were from Rubi, for $14.99AUD.  I love them! I couldn’t however pick up the peachy tone the lenses have with my phone.. I tried !



SO those are all the items in my bag. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading






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