What’s on my phone

I have an iPhone 6 and love it. I’m obsessed with it. I can’t leave the house without it. It makes me feel safe and entertains me. Before I get into this, I should say that I don’t have too many apps. I downsized a heap and have only kept what I use.

Home page


I love my marble, what can I say? So my phone is organized into 4 folders; most used, lifestyle, Games and Apps.








Most used

I have my most used apps here.IMG_0134

I have my:

  • Messages app
  • Facebook messenger (I don’t have the fb app anymore)
  • Camera
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Clock
  • Weather (I live in Melbourne, the weather changes a lot)
  • Youtube
  • Banking app.



IMG_0135I had no idea what to name this folder, to be honest. It contains:

  • Sound Cloud (I will probably delete this because I don’t use it)
  • myFitnessPal #dietlife
  • eBay (I love eBay)
  • IKEA (I love looking through the app at the furniture)
  • Work out (I forgot about this webpage..awkward)
  • Photo Editor (I want to learn how to use it to make my pics more appealing)
  • Pinterest (I look here for inspiration)
  • Instagram (I don’t have fb anymore so I love insta)
  • Snapchat



I don’t really play these to be honest. I’m probably going to delete some. But as of now, I enjoy playing these when I’m somewhere with no entertainment or no people.

  • Bubblewitch (addictive)
  • Fallout shelter (also addictive)
  • Diner Dash (love that it’s a app now. I used to play this on websites)
  • Piano Tiles (hurts my eyes, and will probably delete. But it can be fun).
  • Episode (I downloaded once to play the Demi Lovato games…and I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t.)
  • 2048 (been playing for years now, still fun)
  • Video Star (I used to make videos with my siblings on this. I’m keeping it for sentimental reasons)
  • Fruit Ninja (I just think the fruit is cute)


This is the folder with all the crap I barely use..basically all the apple apps.

  • Maps, Contacts, Notes, Phone company app, iTunes, Appstore, Settings, Calculator, Videos, Find Friends, iBook, Reminders, Health, Compass, Wallet, News, Tips, Watch, Game Center, FaceTimes, Voice Memos, Podcasts, Find iPhone, Stocks
  • Phone company app (to check if I’m over my data limit)
  • IMDB (check the hot actors)
  • Webinar App (for my beauty course)
  • Printing App
  • Pages
  • Ubisoft Club App
  • UniCalculator (calculate grades)


Okay so that’s all that’s on my phone. I hope this was interesting to read !



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