I’m from a European family, Greek to clarify. This means that I have disapproving parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles. I don’t have that many piercings, but, I have enough to get judgement from the family and some friends!

I love piercings. They are a great non-permanent way of experimenting and expressing yourself. It’s 2 seconds of bearable pain and bamn–New jewelry.

Every time I get a new one and I see my grandmother, she goes; “oh no…oohhh no!!!” (imagine that with a strong Greek accent). It’s funny in retrospect but at the time I was feeling a little bad because part of me wants to be classy for my grandmother, but the other half of my loves grunge fashion and getting metal in my face.

I have 6-7 piercings in my left ear. I say this as a non certain number because I haven’t decided if I want to re-pierce one in the middle of my ear–in between the helix and lobe. I have a double helix piercing, my tragus and 3 lobe piercings on my left ear at the moment. Out of all the piercings I have, the tragus hurt the most. No joke.

I would have to say that the helix piercings are horrendous. They take so long to heal. I’ve had mine for a while now, and they are still sore and painful. I do recommend, for those with sensitive ears like me, to get titanium jewelry. Titanium jewelry changes lives people! I would buy some for my helix piercings…but they are expensive :/ They are almost $30AUD each, and I don’t have that money! Tragus healed the quickest. It was painless and super easy. Honestly, I didn’t expect it and I’m so grateful. The lobes took a little bit, but not bad. I want to comment on pain levels, but I have a pretty good pain tolerance. It’s 2 seconds of pain and it’s done. I wouldn’t have so many if it hurt. I’d rate them (if I must) 3/10. Tragus can be 5/10. At most.

I have gotten all of my piercings done professionally, besides the middle piercing on the outer edge of my ear. I used a sharp earring and an ice block and it was painless and healed incredibly fast. I just removed it as I felt it was over kill. But now looking back, I do like how it looks in the below picture.


Here’s an awkward selfie that displays my left ear.

On my right ear I have 5 piercings; one helix, one conch and three lobes. I am aiming to get my anti-helix done and my rook. Conch piercings hurt almost as much as the tragus piercings–it’s thick cartilage! When I got mine done, the piercer had trouble getting the earring in and was yanking it all around–it killed!

As mentioned before, Helix piercings hurt and take 92492649 years to heal. My conch was almost as painful as the tragus, and healed just as painlessly and quickly. It’s my favourite piercing, besides my nose piercings, as I don’t know many people who have it.


This was directly after I got my conch pierced, my 1st lobe is a bit red as I was being stupid and yanked my hoop out.

I also have my  belly pierced, but sorry honey, this body isn’t ready for internet photos. I’ve had that for over a year now. Oh my lord do I have a story for you. When they pierce, they have to use a clamp to keep the skin firm and in place. To me, the clamp hurt more than the piercing.  I had a plain surgical steel piercing. It took months and months and months to semi heal. Then I had a cyst grow under my piercing. I self diagnosed there, but basically, when I took it out, I felt this bubble and I popped it. And yeah. It was so disgusting. I was in the car when I did that, because I thought it was just weird scar tissue–not a cyst! So I was belly out panicking and my old high school teacher walked by and saw me! So embarrassing. But after all that time battling infection after infection-I swapped to titanium and it healed over night. Titanium people !!!

I have my left nostril and my septum pierced too. I love how edgy they can look and I think it compliments my make-up very well. Not that painful, both of them. But your eyes will water! These are my favourite piercings! I had issues with my nose ring at first, just like my belly, but when I swapped to titanium, over night healing. No joke. One thing I do recommend is to get alcohol wipes. This is not to clean the piercings–to harsh. This is to clean the jewelry. Jewelry in the nose gets a weird smell (I know its gross, but it’s the truth). So every so often, clean them. Problem solved.


I also recommend getting everything done with a needle over a gun. It’s sterile compared to the gun–which they cant completely and properly sterilize. It’s kind of weird posting pictures of my self. You can tell I have my favourite pose haha

Thanks for reading. I hope this was informative and interesting.




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