The perfect partner?

It seems everywhere I turn there are people crazy in love with each other. On all the shows I watch, there are couples who’ve been together for years and years and to me, that’s just the dream! I think LOVE is one of the-if not the-most important thing in the world. Being able to find such a deep and strong connection is beautiful to me.

When I fall in love, I fall hard. I give my all because I always assume that the relationship could be the last I ever have. I have no regrets loving in that way. I mean, if you don’t love that way, there is no point in being in a relationship. You have to believe in the love you have. Anyway, I digress.

Love is one of the worlds miracles. Our bodies produce oxytocin when we get close to someone. To me, this is incredible. The body won’t produce this hormone for just anyone. This is just like falling in love. You don’t just fall in love with anyone. For me, each time, I felt a spark from the first time I met them. I immediately knew that we had a future–that there is more to this one meet. And then, after that one meet, we never stopped talking. Well, until we broke up anyway.

So love. I love being in love. I love loving someone, and I love having someone love me. I love that warm fuzzy feeling and butterflies I get whenever I see the one I’m in love with or think about them. I fall in love so hard they become part of my world and I could never imagine them leaving it.

This is why I don’t do well with break ups.

Anyway, to me, the perfect partner possesses these certain qualities. Now as a foreword, I’m not being a shithead and going to just list physical traits (although being attracted to them is great). These are traits and qualities that I think are necessary for a good person and a good relationship, in my opinion.

  1. Honesty. I mean. Does this need explaining? It disgusts me that people aren’t honest with one another in relationships. This is the person you love. You can say what you feel and they will be there for you. You can work through anything. In my experience, I have not experienced honesty. They lied to me about wanting to be with me for months. This is why honesty is important. Be honest when you first doubt it, and work through it together. You can work through anything if you want to be together and truly love each other.
  2. Great communicator. This is so important !! I can not explain to you how necessary this is. If you can’t communicate how you feel, what you want in your life and relationship, you won’t be able to have a good relationship. I’m sorry, but it’s true. When you fight, you need to be able to sit down and talk it out. You need to be able to understand each others points of views. And you wont be able to, unless you know how to communicate.
  3. Not scared to fall in love.  That holding back, will leave you feeling alone and silly for developing feelings. You need someone whos ready to love you and wants to fall inlove and be in love with you.
  4. Loves you as much as you love them Loving somone more than they love you, hurts. It hurts so much. I’ve had an ex of mine tell me during the relationship that they do take me for granted. I’ve had another tell me that they don’t understand how someone can love someone so much and let it affect their life. It felt like a knife to the heart. You need someone who loves you so much they want you to be part of their life. That when you argue, it bothers them. You want someone to just love you.
  5. Not embarrassed of you They want to introduce you to friends and family. There is something wrong, if they are keeping you a secret and hiding you away from their loved ones. I’ve been there, done that. And it sucks.Especially when you’ve taken that step.
  6. See you as a priority. Of course this is important! I can personally tell you, that when the person you love, puts you below everyone else, you will feel like absolute shit. You will fight over this numberous amounts of times. If they don’t think that you are important from day 1, they never will.
  7. Will make sacrifices.  They will sacrifice stuff for you. For example, my ex didn’t want to come to family events because he felt awkward one time. I would sacrifice my comfort and go to his, even though I did not understand or speak the language his family did. To me, this unequal sacrifice is unfair. You need someone who will make little sacrifices like that for you, because they know it makes you happy.
  8. Understands your flaws. They understand your insecurities and how you feel. I’m using my personal experience to base my answers on, sorry. I had an ex distance himself when I got depressed or had insecurities about myself or the relationship. He would tell me off because “it wasn’t real” or because it made him sad. He would basically just shut me up, because it didn’t agree with his opinions or views on things.
  9. Support you no matter what. No matter how you feel or what decisions you make (unless they are massive deal breakers or red flags). They understand you for you and want to be there for you.
  10. Trusts you. I mean. Come one. If you both don’t… maybe have a sit down and chat.
  11. Respects you. He won’t call you names, hurt you on purpose. Isn’t afraid to apologize when he’s wrong. I can’t stand being called names. It disgusts me. I am someone who has so much pride, that if someone disrespects me, I will not forget about it. I think respect is so important. If someone cares for you, they will respect you. Enough said.
  12. See a future with you. Don’t stay with someone for a significant amount of time if you don’t want to be with them.
  13. Want to be with you. ^^

I seriously believe with all my heart that these are the the qualities you need in your partner(s). I believe this so much and wish I knew all these things before I began my relationships. I wish that I knew what was a red flag when I were in these relationships, and could have aborted before I got hurt. I hope that with this post, I can warn and help those of you dating and/or looking for lovee. Let me know other qualities you think are a must have!

Thank you for reading! And thank you for the recent comments I have been receiving, means heaapss! Really motivates me to continue writing :)))




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