My Life Ambitions

So, as my last post was my biggest fears, I’ve decided to do today’s post as my ambitions! Don’t worry, I’m not completely a sad person who mopes around all day, I do have goals and plans for my future. I do want to achieve something with my life!

SO, let’s just hop right into it:

  1. Graduate! Very soon I’ll be a registered nurse and have my first ever degree under my belt. Having a degree has been my dream since I was like 6 years old. No joke.
  2. Have a post graduate degree in midwifery. I love babies. I think that assisting a mother bring her child into the world would be the most amazing and rewarding job ever. I seriously MUST do this.
  3. Have a diploma in beauty. I have registered for a beauty course these holidays, so soon I can cross this off the list. I have been wanting to do this for over a decade. Finally I’ll have a qualification!
  4. Finish writing my third novel and one day get published. I started writing when I was a teenager in highschool. I love writing fiction and just getting my creativity out there. I would love to finally get over my writers block and complete it !! I’ve so far written two unpublished novels, and I’m proud of them. It’s a great hobby. But yeah, I want to finish this one because it has a great plot and its been years in the waiting now.
  5. Get the body of my dreams.
  6. Have a successful nursing career! I do believe that this will be the job I will love to do for the rest of my life, so’s successful!
  7. Find my soul mate
  8. Travel the world for months and experience all the different cultures and landmarks and taste all the different foods and make tonnes and photos. This is like my BIGGEST dream.
  9. Get married. To my soul mate and share my life with the love of it!
  10. Never get divorced. BECAUSE OF madly inlove
  11. Have 5 kids. Big happy family life! ok, maybe at least 3.
  12. Have a happy family life

These are my life goals so far, I’ll try update as they get accomplished or as I make new ones!

Thanks for reading!

Naomi šŸ™‚


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