Nail Salon Review: Love Beauty

Last weekend I went to a salon called “love beauty” with my mum. We both were aiming to get our nails done, since I did mine myself two days prior and did a kind of shit job and I had finished placement and uni for the trimester. I can’t have long painted nails for nursing, so I love doing them when I don’t have uni. My mum has naturally fragile nails so hers don’t grow long. So we both decided to just bite the bullet.

These were the nails I did at home. There was lifting between the fake nail and the real one

Now, I watch a lot of nail videos online. Before I do something, I tend to do research. I have watched so many nail videos, so I know what you should do and what you should not. SO this is where the review comes in.

Firstly, the Salon is beautiful. They have a very bright and inviting salon. They have many seats, however, not enough staff for the salon.They had about 10 seats, and 3 staff members. They were so understaffed and had a few people beside us waiting.

They had a great colour selection, two walls full.

The prices were also significantly cheaper than my local shops, which I totally appreciated. $44 AUD for removal and acrylic application. At my local shops, $20 for removal and $50 for application. So heck yeah I was stoked.

Unfortunately, due to the limitation of staff, mum decided that I could get mine done instead!

She firstly had to remove the nails I had done. SO instead of soaking them off like you are supposed to. She stuck a nail under mine and full on RIPPED, I MEAN RIPPED off the fake nail. It hurt like heck, honestly, and I could see the nail being damaged. I told her off, because she was damaging the crap out of my nails. I wouldn’t go to a salon if they were going to damage my nails more than I would. I was a bit pissed off. She however pretended it was normal and continued to do so, but slower. SLOWER. My nails hadn’t been this damaged in a while and I was drowning in regret. She just kept telling me “acetone will make your skin dry.” I know. I can moisturize. But I can’t heal my nails as fast as my skin! I mean, epithelial cells grow up and out. But my nails take months to heal! The desk we sat at wasn’t properly cleaned either. But for some reason, I just stayed.

When she applied the acrylic, she drowned my nail in the fluid and the acrylic. It was dripping off the end of my nail and the fluid dried on my skin and took a few days to come off. She didn’t wipe off the nail dust or get me to wash my hands. She did not apply oils either. I constantly wiped my hands clean on the towel on the table just so that I did not have dust or whatever under the polish or acrylic.

The end result was great. I love my nails. I think they look great. I’m just not happy with the process it took to get them. I would like to find a place that actually cares about my nails, and not how quick they can finish doing them.

The finished product.

All and all, perhaps I’d go back again if a more senior staff member would do my nails, or at a time earlier in the day when there are less clients.

There was no conversation,  so I made some and tried to joke around. I interacted with the other customers and we had a laugh, however, the staff seemed disinterested and didn’t join in. They spoke their own language occasionally. I just find it a bit rude, when you work in a social job–interacting with customers all day who are paying you, and you cannot even have a polite conversation. I personally love being around people and making people laugh. I love talking-I can get along with anyone. But these ladies were a bit difficult to get along with.

So that is my opinion on the place. I don’t know if I perhaps caught it on a rough day or not. But this is the experience I had.

If anyone lives in Melbourne, let me know if you’ve had a great experience at a nail salon–because I cannot find a good one for the life of me

Thanks for reading,


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