I’m happy?

Over night it seemed to change. I went from depressed to feeling pretty good about myself. I have been able to be a great student nurse, get along well with the Staff and the Patients. I’ve made some great new friends and been able to understand pharmacology a lot better. Everything has been going pretty well.

My patients have all complimented me on my injection skills, saying that it doesn’t hurt (YES!!) !!!

Honestly, life has been really great. And it’s all because of one thing. Now before you all judge me, I want to explain. I too was really hesitant to believe it. I thought, how could this even work, it makes no sense at all. I’m a massive science nerd and I just couldn’t understand this. But, it works.

I’ve been reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne.


The gist is, everything you think and believe, you will draw towards you. If you are negative, you will draw bad experiences toward you. In retrospect, it’s true. Everytime I’ve been down in the dumps, thinking negatively–those things came true ! Every single one of them.

So this time around, I’ve been thinking positive things. And so far so good.

I’ve been believing I can maintain my weight, and I have! I’ve been eating kind of shitty, and have not put any weight on.

I’ve been believing I will get along well with the nursing staff at my placement, and I have!

I have been believing that I can memorize all the different medications and their modes of action, and I have been !

I have been believing that my subcut injections will be great, and they have been ! I’ve had massive anxiety about them in the past after a patient complimented me. I felt really pressured and kept entering the skin awkwardly with the needle. But this time around, they’ve been great. My patient said this, and I quote, “If you didn’t tell me I was getting an injection, I wouldn’t have even felt it!”

So, so far, I’ve been feeling great.

I recommend reading this book, because it really changes your perspective on everything. Everything you believe will happen, will. SO only believe good things will come your way, and the universe will deliver them. Don’t think about how it will, just know it will.

SO far it’s really been working! Once again, I’m loving life. I’ll update you on what else happens.

Seriously try it out, because it works !

Naomi x


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