Gelatine pore strips

You guys have no idea what I’ve been through today. HELL. HELL I SAY.
So, you know how I’m kind of obsessed with clearing my skin…and keeping it that way? Well. Ugh.

It all started when…I was casually and oh, so innocently, minding my own business on Pinterest. I was scrolling down my newsfeed when I came across this post on DIY PORE STRIPS. Instantly I was intrigued. My skin obsessed side and my cheap side could unite ?! This Pore strip recipe had the ingredients most people had at home #me and it wouldn’t cost me anything. Heck yeah I was gonna try it. I need rid of those pesky blackheads that ruin my life !!

All I needed was 1 tablespoon of unflavoured gelatine and 1 tablespoon of milk. Mix them together and microwave for 10 seconds on medium heat. And Bamn. I had the mixture of Promised Goods. This would be the end of my T-zone’s unwanted inhabitants. My skin would be so clean it would gleam in the sun-light and blind those who dared to look for any clogged pores.


So,  I excitedly grab out the mixture from the microwave and mix it with a spoon. Then it hit me.


Oh my Goodness. It smelled so bad. I couldn’t breath through my nose. Or mouth. Nothing. I prayed the tiny hole my nose ring sits in would filter the cursed air and provide me with my life support. I was gagging, and not only was I, so were my two sisters. The mixture had the appearance and consistency of snot. Thats right. snot.  It had little lumps floating around.

13023351_1146479032039649_880852018_n - Copy.jpg

13023351_1146479032039649_880852018_n - Copy (2).jpg

13023351_1146479032039649_880852018_n - Copy (3).jpg


So none the less, my want for clear skin was stronger for my desire to live and so I trooped on to the bathroom with the little glass bowl in my hand.

The next 15 minutes were legit spent with me blocking my nostrils with my fingers used as corks and complaining to my sisters.

Alas, we dipped our fingers into the mixture and applied it quickly. I’m not going to lie, it spread really well over my skin. Whilst we waited for it to dry, we discovered if we sat still, we wouldn’t create a breeze that emphasized the stench and escorted it into our noses. SO there we were sitting like statues on the couch just waiting. 10-15 minutes in, the smell disappeared and our faces were getting super stiff.



You can clearly see my excitement (and yes..a breakout).

I imagined using this as a primer under my makeup when I am older to prevent wrinkles as I just won’t be able to move my face.

Finally the moment we have all been waiting for. Time to REMOVE. It peeled amazingly well. Like it was a lot of fun. It just hurt a lot because it was adhered so damn well. It did however look like skin. Not sure if it did because of just the mixture, or because we did peel a layer off.. but look. Let’s not go there .

So I took a closer look at the strip…and…NO BLACKHEADS. NOT EVEN ONE. I went through the booger mixture for no reason. My theory is that because I wash my face daily, my blackheads don’t peak out enough for the strip to grab onto. It might be more successful if I skip a few days and let that sebaceous oil oxidize and commence to build towers. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither is my clear skin.

The question now is, will I let my blackheads flourish and try this strip again?

Not anytime soon, no. Trying to grow my nose hairs back and regain the ability to smell. But if I one day decide that washing my face is no longer for me…then maybe. Not a definite yes. But a maybe.


I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Naomi xx


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