Game Review Friday: Uncharted 1

So yes. I was super slow to jump on the Nathan Drake band wagon. But alas, 9 years later. I have finally joined. The game came out in 2007, one of the first few games to be released for Sony’s Playstation 3. Now. I am a console player. Hands down. I grew up playing on PC, as a kid enjoying Winnie The Pooh educational games, and slowly the older I got to drawing with AppleWorks, then Quake and Lara Croft; Tombraider. Now this was all under the age of 10. I was introduced to the playstation 2 by my father and Bamn. Obsessed. So needless to say, Imma massive playstation fan.

Uncharted Drake's Fortune NA cover

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was developed by Naughty Dog (developed Jak and Dexter, my child hood loves). It was exclusively brought out for the PS3, however the remastered version came out in 2015, and I played that version, because I’m a late bloomer for this game. It’s and action-adventure 3rd person shooter game. It’s single player, however would’ve been cool to add a multiplayer addition to play Sully or Elena.

 A basic synopsis of the game
Protagonist Nathan Drake seeks the lost treasure of El Dorado. He is an adventurer and treasure hunter (male Lara Croft?), and the descendant of fellow adventurer Francis Drake. The game is based around Nathan, journalist Elena Fisher (with her annoying camera) and friend Victor Sullivan.

At the beginning of the game, Nathan recovers Francis’s coffin, however it only contains his diary which contains the location of El Dorado. Throughout the whole game, he is plagued by Pirates, and you are first introduced to them (and their strange boat climbing skills) here. You have to kill the pirates through gun use and melee.


The diary then leads them on an adventure to the Amazon.  They discover what the Treasure of El Dorado is, and that the Spanish Conquisators had removed it. They find a Nazi Boat, and discover a Drake diary entry that was missing, and it leads them to the next step. In order to get to the boat, there’s a lot of wall scaling. The aim is a little off in this game, so there will be a lot of falling. Once you reach the boat, it’s very arcade, in the fact of how you can walk one direction, and not explore too much.

Once you leave the boat, Sully is shot in the chest by a competitive treasure hunter Gabriel Roman, Atoq Navarro and Eddy Raja (You’ll remember them by their last names), because he owes them money. They are also after the treasure in order to compensate for Sully’s money. The boat explodes from a torpedo Nate  set off by mistake in the boat, and Nathan escapes during the commotion. Elena followed to confront Nate. But as they are being chased by pirates, they fly off in Sully’s plane to the location of the treasure.

Nate gets shot down, and him and Elena get separated. Nate fights through many pirates and goes through forts, to find her. This becomes a little repetitive, and continues through the game. You shoot pirates. They shoot you. He is captured by Eddy, who demands Nate to help him find the treasure. Elena rescues him from Eddy and his pirates.

They then use a boat to escape the island, but Elena asks to find the treasure instead of leave it behind. They both explore an abandoned city and discover that the statue was moved further in land. They discover Sully is alive and working with Navarro. They follow him to the monastery. Elena had to drop her camera to save herself from a collapsing bridge. They save sully who turns out had survived due to Drake’s diary blocking the bullet and played along to his captors.

So from here on, it gets weird. Now I had heard about this games. But hadn’t done research. LITTLE DID I KNOW.

Nate continues through the monastery and discovers the location of the treasure vault that was mentioned in the diary. They follow paths and hidden passages around the monastery and kill so many damn pirates. I died so much  Nates decides to leave his ring behind because he is depressed that Francis died on the island. Before they continue to look for the treasure, they run into Eddy. Whom is scared for his life.

This is what I wasn’t expecting.

Eddy is being chased by these mutated humans. Like these really messed up creatures. Half zombie looking. They are super strong and fast and 2 hits and your dead. They can grab you and they try to eat you. Elena escapes and looks for a rope to lift Nate up, so until then Eddy and Nate are fighting together. When Elena helps him escape, Eddy gets killed.



They end up in an abandoned Nazi submarine base. Nate leaves Elena there and goes to restore power to the base. He is up against MORE damn pirates and freaky mutants. He discovers the treasure is cursed and that all the mutants were once humans–the Spaniards. Turns out, Sir Francis knew about the curse and tried to keep it on the island, and was then was sadly killed by the mutants.

Nate heads back to Elena, but she was captured by Roman and Navarro. Sully and Nate fight more soldiers/pirates and mutants and find out that Roman has the statue. Navarro asks Roman to open it. The dust from the rotting corpse of El Dorado is inhaled by Roman and is begins to mutate. Navarro shoots and kills him and decides to take the statue so that he can sell it as a weapon. He lifts it out by helicopter. Nate fights through mutants and soldiers (takes a few goes) and then jumps onto the net the statue is in. Elena was in the helicopter as a captive. She kills him and the helicopter crashes onto a cargo ship.

The last part of the game, is annoying. It’s quick and laid out easy. But it’s annoying.

I found the easiest way to do this was to hide behind the cargo boxes on the right of the screen just before the fight. Take cover there and shoot out everyone. Navarro will then run away. After you’ve done that gather ammo and move to the next area. Shoot them out moving from one box to the next until Navarro walks away again. Do the same again and work your way to the final area. Basically hide until he reloads and beat him up until he falls unconscious. Nate goes to rescue Elena from the helicopter. Once Navarro gains consciousness, Nate pushes the helicopter off the tanker and it pulls down Navarro, the copter and the treasure as they are all connected by rope. The statue is lost forever at the bottom of the ocean.

Sully then arrives on a boat with treasure and they all sail into the sunset.



The end of the game got me going “wtf.”

I’d rate this game a 6/10. I liked it until the mutants were introduced. The game was a bit repetitive and I would’ve like to have more time to explore. The game felt very fast paced, as though you can’t explore due to uncountable enemies constantly appearing. The music that plays when you die, drives you nuts. I wanted to rage quit so many times. The aim is a bit off with jumping and climbing. But overall, it was a good game. I finished it in 2 days of casual play, curious of where the story would go.

I would play the next game, but damn. I hope there’s no creepy mutants.

Thanks for reading!

Naomi x

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