Eyebrow Threading?!

So I am a bit of a freak when it comes to my eyebrows. Like a massive freak. I need to always have them looking good. Know what I mean? I only handed over the control to the lady who tattooed mine on and she shaped them and waxed the baby hairs I couldn’t reach with my tweezers. So today I was feeling like Enough was enough ! I needed those baby hairs gone before I go insane !!

So here are my brows before:


Yes I know. “AArrghhh!”

I tried out “Exquisite Brows” at my local shopping centre to get my eyebrows threaded. They have a little store, with several chairs in front of mirrors. When I went there, there was only one lady working and there were about 4  of us waiting to get our brows done.

The process itself is relatively short. The brow technician will comb through your brows and trim the excessively long hairs so that they are all the same length. I personally struggle with the hairs behind the hairs I trimmed. Because I’m too nervous to pluck away at my brows in case of mistake. The technician will then begin threading away at the hairs.

Now, in case any of you are threading newbies like me. I will explain what threading is.

A thin thread is doubled, then twisted. It is then rolled over areas of unwanted hair and plucks the hair out from the follicle. Instead of pulling out individual hairs like tweezing, threading removes lines of hair. It provides more precise control in shaping and is gentler on the skin. 

It is a little painful, but its a quick process as many hairs are removed at once. I would definitely do it again because my brows are amazing right now !


Overall, I’d rate this experience a 10/10. Loving my brows!!


Thank you for reading,

Naomi xx

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