How I got rid of my acne- Skin care routine !

I started developing acne at the age of 10. I had a few pimples pop up here and there but wasn’t all too worried. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of a 10 year battle. I have used products ranging from Neutrogena to Clearasil, to Clean and Clear. I have used products recommended to me by facialists only to have broken out more. I would say my skin is Acne prone and oily.

It has taken my 10 years to get it manageable.

Here’s what my bare skin looks like today. The photo was taken in the car.



I still get the occasional breakout, and struggle with blackheads. But who doesn’t? Now lets take a moment and look at what my skin used to be. It is difficult to share pictures of a time that I wasn’t happy with myself. But, I do really think I can help some of you with the same acne issues as me.


Yep. These were supposed good days, hence the photo-taking.

Not only was my face plagued with those monsters, so were my arms, chest, back and neck. It was hell. I was embarrassed about my skin and afraid to go out without makeup. I was worried that no one would like me and just think I had bad hygiene.

So getting to the good part: how did I rid of it?

First things first I stopped using products and let my skin breathe for a bit. I only used water and a cloth to freshen up. I then began researching products good for sensitive acne prone skin. I came across a brand called ‘Simple’.  ok. I love Simple. I LOVE THEM. Simple changed the way my skin looked. I’ll go into more depth in a second. I also went on the contraceptive Pill ‘Estelle.’ Estelle was supposed to be a life changer. Instead I found it gave me more hormonal acne on my jaw and neck and further up on my cheeks where I previously had no problems. So 3 months later, after having given it a shot, I swapped over to the ‘YazFlex.’ That had a bit of an impact. It was also great for monthly duties, so if anyone is having any trouble and needs a review, I’m down for that.

So. Now back to the skin care.


These are the products I now use daily, except for the mask which is every 3-4 days. Only after my skin began to stabilize did I bring in ‘Swisse’ products. Before, I used the toner from Simple.

  1. I stopped using soap on my back. This gave my skin space to breathe and began to clear.
  2. I use a different towel for my face and acne prone areas. This was so that oils aren’t transferred from hair products or body products onto my problem skin.
  3. Every evening I washed my face. This involved the face wash. I gently scrubbed my face and washed it off with a cloth in the shower after 5 minutes or so after my pores had opened due to the steam.
  4. Toner. Toner. Toner. Although it seems like a step you can skip, you shouldn’t. It closes your pores and minimizes redness.
  5. Moisturizer. Enough said.
  6. Eye cream. Gently, and with ring finger pats. It helps reduce fine lines, that I unfortunately at 20 am developing (pray for me).
  7. Zit Zapper! This helps me when I’m dying to pick at my skin. I’m awful with self control, so I purchased this. I have seen a difference in size from once applied to 1-2 hours later.
  8. WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T PICK. Don’t pop, don’t pull, don’t scratch. Leave it alone ! Or at least, use a warm compress to open pores so that you can wash your face in the shower after. Prevent scarring ! Learn from me !!
  9. Before makeup, use a moisturizer and a primer.  Believe it or not, it makes a difference. My skin couldn’t handle being under make-up for more than 4 hours. Come to now, after an 8 hour shift and social activities after, it lasts for more than 12 hours without getting itchy or developing new zits or hives. Try not to use a silicon based primer. I use Smash Box, photo finish.s1349968-main-zoom.jpg

I swear by these brands. It gave me control over my hard to handle skin. Hopefully they can provide you with some too. Just remember, you are more than your skin. It’s not permanent.

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.

Naomi xx



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