Eyebrow product reviews

These are my eyebrows. Right at this moment, taken from my iPhone front camera.

The ends of my brows are extremely sparse. They don’t have an end if I don’t fill them in. The front of my eyebrow also barely exists. Now, I have my eyebrows tattooed and this is the result after several months. Its beginning to fade, but this is what it looks like. I still have the sparse ends and front. Before the tattoo, my eyebrows resembled Spock. I only had the front.imgres


Clearly, highschool was such a fun time with my barely existent eyebrows. Why are eyebrows so important?” you may ask. Well. They are the frame to your face. Just cover your brow with your index fingers and look in the mirror. IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Over my time, I’ve used quite a few brow products.

When I first started filling them in. I used a medium brown Mary Kay eyebrow pencil. I used it to define the arch. This pencil is great if you don’t have to much to fill in. I found it worked well to fill in sparse areas, but didn’t last as long as I would have liked.


A few years later, I stopped filling in my eyebrows and began to pluck.The ends of my brows had begun to shorten and significantly thinned out. It was strange though because I didn’t go as high as the thinned out hair went.This caused me to experiment with several products.

E.L.F. eyebrow kit $8.00 AUD


I found this product very easy to misuse. The powder had a red undertone and could easily come off harsh if too much product was used. I didn’t like how it blended out. It didn’t come with a spooly or angled brush. It did however come with a little flat brush, that worked well for the wax. I didn’t mind the eyebrow wax, however the pigment was considerably darker than the powder. Over all, I didn’t love this product and had difficulty defining my brows without making them appear fake. For a drug store product and being under $10, it’s an easy buy.

M.A.C. cosmetics, eye-shadow ‘Copperplate’ $33 AUD



This shadow I used to fill in sparse areas and to create a pigment fade from the front my eyebrow. This is one of my holy grail brow products. My natural eyebrow colour is an ashy brown. This powder is easy to create a pigment fade and passes off as very natural.

RIMMEL professional eyebrow pencil ‘dark brown’ $8.95 AUD

ProfessionalEyebrowPencil_PRODUCTI used the pencil to define the ends of my eyebrow, as they needed more work.  The only limitation this product face, in my opinion was that the Rimmel pencil was a bit hard and dry. I felt it wasn’t as creamy as it could have been. The brush on the lid was also very harsh and didn’t do a great job. But if you don’t mind a firm pencil, I do recommend this pencil.

Maybelline Eye studio brow precise pencil in ‘soft brown’ $11.95 AUD

Without a doubt, my favourite drug store brow product. It was creamy and easy to use. It blended well and had a great brush on the end. Didn’t have a red undertone, nice and ashy with great pigment. Can’t compliment this product enough !!

Lastly, Urban Decay Brow Beater in ‘Neutral brown’ $35 AUD



Okay yeah, this was bloody expensive. I was needing a pick me up and decided to try this product. Thank god it was amazing. It has a fine tip that’s easy to use and comes across very natural. It’s easy to draw lightly and dark. The brush works well and blends nicely. So if you have money burning in your pocket and eyebrows dying to be on point. This product is for you. It is officially my other holy grail brow product.


Thanks so much for reading this !

Lots of love,

Naomi x


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