1/4 of the year in

April. How did we get here so soon?!

Time has flown by incredibly fast…too fast. I don’t know where the year has gone so far. I commenced my third year of studies in my Bachelor of Nursing and have been extremely  busy with that. I have been feeling incredibly motivated, so I’ve been taking advantage of it and have finished all my assignments already. So far, I love nursing. I cannot wait to start working. I’m hoping to go into surgical nursing and work on a ward.

So, my journey to minimalism is still going. I’m horrible at it. Horrible. My room is minimalized and furniture is sparse. I don’t keep anything I don’t need. However, I struggle with going through my clothes and shoes. I’m a massive hoarder with shoes. I love them. I always feel like if I haven’t worn them enough, I’m wasting my money by ridding of them. I’m going to try to wear them and get some use out of them so that I can then rid. I don’t know. Maybe I will donate them. Same with my clothes. I feel bad throwing them away, even though I don’t wear them. But I’m trying. I hope to have a simple and clarifying life.

I’m going to try and post some positives every week so that I have nice things to look back on and be grateful for.

  1. Lately I’ve been watching this show called “Shameless.”imgresI’m up to season 4 and loving it. Absolutely loving it.
  2. Tea. I’ve fallen in love with Twining’s English breakfast Tea. I’m slightly addicted, but it’s okay.imgres.jpg
  3. My boyfriend. He is a good man. Loves me for me and I love him for it.
  4. My best friend. She is always there for me, even if we don’t speak everyday.
  5. My soft blanket. $20 from Kmart and it’s the best decision I’ve made. SO SOFT.
  6. My smashbox photofinish primer. I can’t explain to you how much it makes a difference to me. I have acne prone skin that’s oily. I follow a strict skin regime to keep my acne at bay, and so I need a primer to help. Now, initially I wasn’t a believer in primers. I felt that it would’ve been a waste of money. Especially since this primer is $56 AUD. It’s the same price as my MAC prolong wear foundation. I’ve tried all kinds of primers, ranging from Loreal to Maybeline. I’ve tried too faced primers and other high end. They all still caused breakouts and didn’t prevent a smooth application of makeup. I tried going without it, and my skin started to become problematic again. So GRATEFUL for this primer !!imgres.jpg
  7. And lastly, my skin. It’s been clear as anything lately. And I’m happy. Having had severe acne, any time my skin is clear is a good day for me! I might do a more in depth post about how I cleared my acne, if that’s something that any of you would be interested in.

Okay, that’s all for today. Sorry for the inconsistent posting. I’ll try post more often and work it into my routine. At least once a week.

Thanks for reading !

Lots of love, Naomi x

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