New year, new me?

So this year I began my journey to minimalism! I was feeling so overwhelmed from the clutter I had accumulated over the years. I felt as though it was mimicking what was going on in my mind! SO I took the first step and decided to commence culling.

I began with my wardrobe and shoe collection. I’ve managed to cut about half of it down. I eventually want to convert to a capsule wardrobe, but due to financial circumstances at this moment, it will need to be postponed. I’d love to have a completely black wardrobe, with some other neutrals through it because it looks incredibly sophisticated.

I went through my bookshelves and just took everything I didn’t need out of my room. So far, no regret. my room is getting there.

I think that when I can get to the point where my room is calming, simple and organised, it can reflect on to me.

I’m also hoping to become a tad bohemian. I love the ethnic tapestries and beautiful colours, the different textures and all the plants. I love the aspect of finding beauty in everything. I’m hoping to order some tapestries and bedsheets for my room so that they can be the vocal point in my completely white room.

This year, really, is going to be the year I find myself and grow into who I’m meant to be. So baby steps! I’m going to stop being afraid and do what I want to! Like eventually get a tattoo and get some more piercings !!


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